Canroon was awarded the "Top 10 Chinese Frequency Inverter Brands In 2022"

Recently, Shenzhen Canroon Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd. As an outstanding supplier of frequency inverter, participated in the "Top 10 Chinese frequency Inverter Brands in 2022" competition held by the China’s Industry Preferred List. In the competition of many well-known brands in the industry, Canroon won the fourth place honor.


With the quiet rise of many new brands of frequency inverter, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. How to transform wisdom into leading products and services, occupy the initiative and gain advantages in the market battle filled with gunpowder smoke , is a problem that we must think deeply about. As an excellent solution provider, Canroon always adheres to the concept of "create together, share together". By means of continuous innovation, Canroon meets different customers needs, creates value for customers, and brings more reliable products and better solutions for users.

In this activity, Canroon's star products, CV800 series multi-function frequency inverter and CV900G series vector control frequency inverter, have won unanimous praise from many business friends and end customers, and the sales volume has been increasing in recent years. CV800 series is favored by many users because of its high cost performance, powerful functions, excellent performance, compact structure and wide applications. CV900G series frequency inverter adopts advanced magnetic flux vector control algorithm, full frequency high torque output, fast response speed, strong load adaptability, high speed control accuracy and good reliability, which can meet the application requirements in different fields.

With its comprehensive advantages in the field of power electronics and continuous breakthroughs in key core technologies, it has laid a solid foundation for Canroon to win a broad market in China and abroad. In recent years, Canroon has occupied a position in China's frequency inverter industry. In the future, we will strive to become the most valuable partner of the frequency inverter users.