Salary& Welfare


01 Insurance

The company provides employees with statutory benefits such as five insurances (pension, medical care, work-related injury, unemployment, and childbirth) and one housing fund (housing provident fund).

02  paid leave

Various paid holidays enjoyed by employees: 1. Weekly weekends; 2. Legal holidays; 3. Women’s Day; 4. Annual leave; 5. Marriage/bereavement leave; 6. Maternity leave/maternity leave/breastfeeding leave; 7. Work injury Leave; 8. Overtime transfer.

03 Staff activities

In order to let employees feel that the company is like a big family with a harmonious atmosphere, the company cares for the work and life of employees in various ways: birthday gifts, holiday blessings, dinner parties, travel, various competitions, outstanding employee recognition conferences and other colorful teams activity.

04 year-end award

In view of the company's values ​​of "co-creating and sharing", which motivates employees to share adversity and common development with the company, the company provides annual rewards based on the annual operating conditions and individual performance of employees.

05 Salary payment

Employees’ salaries are paid in RMB on the 15th of each month by bank transfer. If the pay day falls on a holiday, it will be paid in advance or postponed to the working day adjacent to the payment date.