After-Sales Phone

After-Sales Phone

18820912521 (inverter technical support)
13510849870 (induction heating technology support)

After-sales service concept

Canroon knows the importance of establishing a complete sales and service system, and regards distributors and users as the most important partners for the development of the enterprise. Now it has established a standardized marketing service network and a mature technical service management system across the country. To ensure technical support for the products sold and to fulfill the promise of free warranty within 18 months.
For products within the warranty period, Canroon after-sales service engineers will provide users with fast, timely and efficient free maintenance services; for products beyond the warranty period, users will still receive Canroon people’s enthusiastic, thoughtful and reasonable paid technical services.

After-sales service commitment

1. Warranty period
a. 18 months free warranty: starting from the date when the customer purchases this product from Canroon (subject to the date of shipment from Canroon), under normal use conditions, failure or damage occurs within 18 months, the company Responsible for the free warranty of the product.
b. During the warranty period, if the damage falls under one of the following conditions, our company will charge a certain amount of maintenance fee according to the situation:
① Fault or damage caused by installation, storage and use not strictly in accordance with the requirements, or incorrect installation, storage and use;
② Fault caused by using this product for abnormal functions;
③Fault or damage caused by repair, modification or disassembly without permission;
④Fault or damage caused by accidental factors or human factors (including operating errors, liquid intake, incorrect wiring, etc.);
⑤Fault or damage caused by natural disasters and other force majeure (such as lightning, earthquake, fire, etc.);
c. For products that exceed the warranty period, our company will also provide lifetime paid maintenance services.
d. We promise to provide a 3-month warranty service for all charged repair products (subject to the date of delivery from Canroon, only the repaired part is guaranteed).
2. Consultation time: 24 hours open telephone consultation service;
3. Response time: someone in the service center will answer and accept customer calls within 3 rings.