2024 Annual Sales Meeting Successfully Held

On 8th March, Canroon’s national sales elites gathered in Shenzhen, the sales mobilization meeting with the theme of "solidarity and work hard, innovate and strive for the first" summed up and reviewed the marketing work of Canroon in 2023, set the tone and pointed out the direction for the development of the enterprise in 2024, which passed on Canroon's determination to work together, anchor goals, and unswervingly promote the development of the enterprise.


The general manager and the market front-line personnel gathered together to discuss the development plan of building Canroon together. At the beginning of the meeting, the financial manager made a general report on the company's sales in 2023.

Sales representatives from each district summarized and reviewed the sales situation and problems in 2023, as well as the planning for 2024.


Group photo of sales elite representatives

Subsequently, General Manager Yuan made a detailed and in-depth summary and review of the current frequency converter, the characteristics of the induction heating industry, the development status and existing problems of the company.Starting from the "white-hot competition and market structure change" shown in the frequency converter and induction heating industry, he discussed in detail the performance of the key data of frequency converter and induction heating in the application of the related industry, and gave important instructions on Canroon how to break through the situation.General Manager Yuan said that with a strong sense of responsibility and crisis, while facing the new trends and challenges in the development of the industry, we should do a good job in innovative marketing and achieve steady growth in the white-hot market competition environment.

In 2024, Canroon will continue to adhere to the market orientation, unite and work hard, innovate and strive for the first, and work around the company's four core requirements of cost control and efficiency, quality, after-sales service and payback.Efficient linkage within the department, good quality control, improve after-sales service, increase the rate of return, etc. Focusing on strategic needs, unite and work hard to improve service efficiency and service quality. The sales elites of Canroon will will be more enthusiastic and determined to meet the challenges of the new year!