2020 Annual Outstanding Staffs and Teams Commendation Conference

In order to encourage the outstanding staffs and teams who have made outstanding achievements and dedicated efforts in 2020, the "2020 Annual Outstanding Staffs and Teams Commendation Conference" of Canroon was held in the conference hall of Atour Hotel at 4:00 p.m. on April 28, 2021.


In this commendation conference, there were 8 awards include "Best Dedication Award", "Technical Innovation Award", "Best Newcomer Award", "Excellent Management Award", "Positive Energy Star", "Annual Sales Champion", and "Annual Best Team” and  “Ten Years of Loyalty and Dedication Award”. A total of 11 advanced individuals and 1 outstanding team received honorary commendations.


Mr. Yuan extended warm congratulations to all the individuals and teams who won the outstanding title of this year, and expressed sincere thanks to all the people of Canroon for their unremitting efforts in the past year.



After the award ceremony, manager Mr. Yuan came to the stage and gave a speech. The speech summarized the important achievements made in the past year, put forward the main challenges we are currently facing, and formulated the work tasks for the new year. In the new year, he hope that everyone will go hand in hand and move forward, with more energy, unity and confidence, and strive to achieve better results in 2021!