CR2100 Series Intelligent Induction Heating System
CR2100 series intelligent induction heating system adopts humanized man-machine interactive operation interface and a variety of heating modes, and can be adapted to a variety of induction coils. Simple and easy to use can be quickly heated, less production rework, zero pollution, more efficient to improve productivity. Mainly used for preheating before welding, annealing, heat treatment after welding, anti-corrosion coating, etc. It can meet the heating requirements of different shapes and sizes of workpiece in special applications.
Canroon can provide a complete solution for your application, not just equipment.

Application Areas:

The CR2100 series induction heating system has powerful functions, excellent performance and a wide range of applications. It is mainly used for local rapid heating occasions, such as brazing, quenching, thermal disassembly, thermal straightening, curing, paint removal, heat treatment, etc. It can be applied to all metal products, including copper, iron, tin, aluminum, silver, stainless steel, Titanium, nickel, and other metals or alloys

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